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 Event make-up - $95

Foundation, powder, blush, eyes, lips, lashes, contour, and highlight.

Lashes and contour - $125/$145
Airbrush foundation make-up - $145

In my professional opinion, airbrush makeup is best used for Paramedical purposes; uneven skintone, scars, port wine stains, thinning hair, and women who do not have alot of facial hair. The airbrush hides imperfections, but can enhance small facial hair and can look a bit powdery. A flawless look can be achieved via the manual brush. Every woman is unique in her own way, and while you may be a great candidate for this method, others may not. The best bet is to do a trial.

Paramedical Airbrush make-up - $145
Trial for any cover up - $105

Airbrushing is the easiest and safest way to cover most facial irregularities. No sponge is ever used, so the application is completely safe and free from bacteria. The coverage is even and the colors can be matched exactly to your skin tone. Many skin irregularities can be covered. Clients who have had Rhinoplasty, a facelift, browlift or any other facial cosmetic surgery can benefit from this form of make-up application. Once the swelling of the bruising has subsided, we can cover the bruising that is still present. This is great because you can go out in public without anyone noticing that you have had work done, unless you tell them. Other skin imperfections that can be hidden are: rosacea, dermabrasion, eczema, burns, scars, sun spots, vitiligo, tattoos, pimples, uneven skin tone, under eye circles, and yes - even hickeys. If you have a tattoo that you dont want to show for a wedding or a special occasion, we can help you camouflage that too. Every case is different, but we will try our best to help you achieve the look that you desire.



Wedding trial - $125
Bridal make-up - $200

*Does not include trunk and travel fees.*

Airbrush/Paramedical application - $225
Bride and Bridesmaid - $350
Bride and 2 Bridesmaids - $425
Bride and 3 Bridesmaids - $525
Bride and 4 Bridesmaids - $625
Each additional person in party -  $75


20 minutes from Millbrae - $50
45 minutes from Millbrae - $80
1 hour from Millbrae - $110
Each additional 1/2 hour - $25

Hourly flat rate - $125

This is for brides who wish for the makeup artist to stay for pre-wedding make-up, photos, after ceremony, touch ups, etc.

Hair and Make-up


Bride - $150
($75 hair, $75 Make-Up)
 Each additional trial on bridal party - $95
($65 hair, $65 Make-up)

Day of Wedding

Bride - $350
Bride and 1 Bride's Maid - $600
Bride and 2 Bride's Maids - $875
Bride and 3 Bride's Maids - $1,125
Bride and 4 Bride's Maids - $1,325
Bride and 5 Bride's Maids - $1,425

Travel and Trunk Rates

for 20 minutes of travel - $50
Each 1/2 hour additional travel time - $25


Studio Work

Work done at my studio for events, Halloween, etc.

Cheek Art - $8-$15
Full face painting - $45-$125
Airbrush full face painting - $55-$135
Airbrush full face with Swarovski Crystals - $135
   Adult body art for performances and special occasions - $50


Make-up Classes

Basic lesson - $150

How to apply foundation, use brushes, eyeshadow, liner, blush, use and care for your brushes.

Each advanced lesson after basic lesson - $75

Smokey eye, contouring, contrast, liquid eyeliner.

Copper Lesson - $200

Basic Lesson, personalized list of what you will need to purchase at a beauty store.

Silver Lesson - $400

Make-up lesson, 4 day colors, lip color or gloss, pencil, eye brushes, and carrying case.

Gold Lesson - $500

Make-up lesson, 4 night colors, mascara, liner, blending brush, concealer, and items from Silver lesson.

Platinum Lesson - $650

Complete kit: Eye color primer, brow color, foundation blush, blush brush, powder, and all items in the Gold and Silver packages.

Group Packages - $65 per person

Learn how to apply a day look, and how to quickly turn it into a night look.

Add contouring, concealer, and lashes - $100

**Minimum 4 people**

Drag Make-up - $105-$150

Foundation, powder, blush, eyes, tacking down eyebrows, lips, lashes, contour and highlight.