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Restorative Massage, Corrective Skincare, Creative Hair & Makeup


Massage, Body Contouring, Scrubs, Muds  Wraps, Hot Stone, Reike


Aromatherapy  $5

Choose from an array of  Young Living Essential oils 


 Intensive Area Massage

Targets neck and shoulder kinks
$50 - 30 minutes
$70 - 45 minutes

$80 Upper body intense therapy


Swedish/Deep Tissue Combo

 Fullbody Therapy
$105 - 60 minutes
$125 - 75 minutes
$145 - 90 minutes

$190- 2 hours




4 pack - $360

10 Pack - $850

15 Pack - $1,200


Post Liposuction Lymphatic Drainage Massage                                           This post surgery treatment will help eliminate  water, lymph build up, and swelling of post lipo procedures by Directing fluids in your body towards the path of drainage with  a medicupping machine will speed up the healing process. Once most of the swelling has gone down we can then begin to breakdown the hardened scar tissue that was caused from the canulla movement and healing tissues using a specialized tool that aids in melting the fascia that binds the scar tissue together. 

$125 60 Minutes

$145- 75 minutes

$165- 90 minutes

5 pack of 60 Minutes $550 // 10 Pack of 60min $1,000

5 pack of 75 minutes $625 // 10 pack $1,200

5 pack of 90 minutes $725 // 10 pack $1,400


Pregnancy MASSAGE
60 MINUTE $125


Fascia Blaster Sessions

Fascia blasting sessions is an intense manual method used to break down the fat cells that stay trapped in-between the muscle and the top skin layer, within the confines of the fascia tissue.  This body contouring  treatment is done with oil and works best when it us used with heat.  Your cellulitic  areas of concern will be aggressively  manipulated with the fascia blasting tool.  Severe bruising may appear after the treatment which is very normal. Blood is brought up to the surface of the fatcell to promote toxin removal and healing. It is recommended that you blast your area of concern at least twice a week to ensure faster results.

Each case varies on time and sessions to see results.

60/75/90 Minute Blasting Session $95/$115/$135

60 minute FB with heat  -  90 minutes  $145

Package of 4 non heat sessions $340

4 Pack with heat $520

8 Pack-  60 + heat or 90 min sessions $1,000

 add on to any massage

20 minutes $40

30 minutes $50



$55 - 30 minutes
$75 - 45 minutes $95 - 60 minutes

$115 - 75 minutes $ 135 - 90 minutes

$30 add on to any Massage or Facial service


Medi Cupping

treats injury, Inflammation, Sciatica & more

$125 - 60 minutes

$145 - 75 Minutes

$165 - 90 minutes


Body Contouring & Cellulite Reduction

$55 one area 30 minutes

$95 -  2 areas 60 minutes


45 Minute Hand & Foot Reflexology Massage

forearms, hands, carpel tunnel syndrome



Sabai Hot Stone & Cold Stone Therapy,  Himalayan Salt Stones
$145 - 75 min
$165 - 90 minutes

Sabai Stone Spa Therapy offers a Pevonia exclusive blend of Malachite Copper for body detoxification, tissue regeneration, harmonious energy flow and balance. (4 Therapies in one). Feel Stress gently vanish and your overall physical wellness restored as replenishing and revitalizing minerals are absorbed. Your skin emerges energized, hydrated, smooth, and youthful with an even coloration and outstanding radiance. Can be used hot or cold, or both.


Signature Body Scrubs

 all are $95

$185 with massage

Chocolate Body Scrub
Exfoliate, scrub, rehydrate
Chocolate Anti-Oxidant Dead Sea Salt Exfoliant improves surface skin Oxygenation plus helps protect skin with antioxidant found in Cocoa plus the Dead Sea Salt Minerals.


Niaouli & Carrot seed balancing Dead Sea Salt body scrub

Improves the skin’s ability to absorb moisture, improves surface oxygenation and increases the suppleness of the skin. Dead sea salt is effective for relieving muscle stiffness and sore joints. Niaouli is a powerful antiseptic and helps balance acneic or oily skin conditions. Carrot seed helps revitalize and tone skin and balance all skin types. Balances, smooths and detoxifies the skin’s surface that is non-drying nor harsh to the skin. 


Brown Sugar Retexturizing Exfoliant Scrub

Used in culinary dishes, brown sugar keeps foods moist by sealing in moisture. The skin utilizes brown sugar in the same way. Brown sugar is high in DHA's a natural acid that helps stimulate skin melanin to help even-out the texture of the surface of the skin. Further benefits, improving skin tone, are attained when the Brown Sugar is left on the body for 5 minutes. Olive oil and a blend of select botanical butters provide nourishing and replenishing benefits.   This rich re-texturizing exfoliant uses natural AHA acids found in Brown Sugar to even-out skin tone, nourish the surface level of the skin and gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

Lavendar Walnut Cleansing Grains

Walnut Shell powder, Rosehip Powder & Lavender help refine the surface of the skin


Lavender & Rose Cornmeal body scrub

Awaken your skin to give a radiant, hydrated, smooth appearance. This indulgent exfoliator contains pure grains of White Cornmeal, Poppy Seed, Apricot Seed and Walnut Shell Powder to
sweep away impurities and dullness. Rich botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender, Melissa and Passion
Flower work to help restore the skin’s natural radiance while preparing skin for moisturizing
treatments. Nurturing aromas of Lavender & Rose enhance the senses. 




Scrub, Wraps, Mud & Cellulite Treatments


Chocolate Body Wrap
Exfoliate, mud wrap, rehydrate  $180

Anit-oxidant Cocoa Dead Sea Mud Wrap is an overall skin therapy treatment by detoxifying, remineralizing and adding protective benefits found in Cocoa.  Deas Sea Mud, Kaolin, and Cocoa

with Massage $265


Angelica and Myrrh Rejuvenating Dead Sea Body Wrap $180

 This mud wrap is a specialized blend of Dead Sea Mud, Angelica and Myhrr extracts plus Rose Seed Powder for a superior exfoliation and nourishment of the skin. Dead Sea Mud, Angelica Root Extract, Myrrh Extract, Apple Extract, Oat Kernel Extract. Passion Fruit Extract, Fir Needle and Patchouli Oil help moisturize, nourish, help with removing dead surface skin cells, sebum accumulation and impurities. For all skin types. The Combination of Bentonite Clay and Rose Hip Seed powder provides an excellent, thorough exfoliation without traumatizing the skin. Angelica and myhrr helps soothes skin and revives congested, dull skin.

A Dead Sea Mud / Kaolin blend goes smoothly and lightly on the skin. Provides Rejuvenation to the skin by thoroughly detoxifying and lightly exfoliating skin surface with Rose Hip Seed Powder.

with Massage $265


Carrot Seed & Myrrh Mud Treatment $180

Carrot seed helps revitalize and tone skin and balance all skin types. Balances, smooths and detoxifies the skin’s surface that is non-drying nor harsh to the skin. 

Angelica and myhrr helps soothes skin and revives congested, dull skin.

with massage $265


Stem Cells Cellulite Body Wrap $180

Reverses the signs of aging. Contours & diminishes the appearance of cellulite, deeply hydrates, firms, aids elasticity, smooths and tones your skin.                                    

$265 with massage


 Seaweed Wrap  $180
Soothing and smoothening. Relax and luxuriate in steady warmth while your skin detoxifies and absorbs intense benefits from the rich array of micronized  minerals, vitamins,  and enzymes naturally abuntand in this French seaweed.

with massage $265


Moroccan Rassoul Mud Wrap

This wrap utilizes mineral rich mud from the fertile valleys of Morocco, renowned for it's deeply healing and hydrating benefits. Excellent for sensitive, dry, eczema skin conditions, this Moroccan magic helps moisturize, energize and refresh the body.

with massage $265


Desert Heat - $ 180
This luxurious self- heating Pevonia treatment wraps you in the warmth of Arizona Earth. Rich in copper, known for repairing & healing properties. This treatment leaves your skin & body mineralized, hydrated, nourished & silky smooth. Begins with a body polish.

with massage $265


Green Coffe Body Treatment

This stimulating treatment activates fat dissolution, controls fat infiltration, releases and eliminates toxins and converts fat into energy. This gives your skin a lustrous velvety radiance.

with lymph massage $295