Lexy's Massage & Skincare Studio

Correcting Skin, Restoring Bodies, Creating Perfection

Restorative Massage, Corrective Skincare, Creative Hair & Makeup


At Lexy's, I offer restorative massage that is customized to suit your needs including therapeutic Intensive area for neck, shoulders, hands & forearms to prevent or reverse carpel tunnel syndrome. Gentle, light handed movements and strokes for delicate and fragile geriatric patients.  Micro magnet therapy that helps heal current injuries & Cupping for old injuries, TMJ syndrome, lymphatic drainage, contouring, cellulite, blood stagnation, adhesions, inflammation, scar tissue, spasms, sciatica, edema and fascia restrictions. These techniques help promote healthy circulation, energy flow, improves athletic performance, sleep patterns, & corrects the build up of "solid bloat". Specialized therapies such as these, along with deep tissue, trigger point & range of motion exercises are used to treat several physical ailments such as, but not limited to frozen shoulder, hip injuries, bursitis and herniated disks.

There are many modalities that can be used during a session, so each massage will vary. My tailored & detailed work will help correct the imbalance in your body. One day, I may cup, the next day I may perform deep tissue, swedish or a combination of both. Each day/week we face different physical & mental challenges. That is why the massage treatments might differ. I strive to bring each & every client to a point of relief or relaxation.

Purchasing a package is the way to implement specialized wellness therapy into your day to day life that will help you move, function, perform & save money.

In your first session, I will assess your muscular structure, mobility, ROM, & locate your tight or painful areas. During your second session, I will familiarize myself, delve deeper & focus on the key causes of the initial onset of pain. The first few sessions might be a bit intense. This is why breath work, water, ice and ibuprofen are both suggested and recommended. After a few (or more) back to back weekly sessions, we will taper off to 1-2 times a month until you get down to just once a month for maintenance.

Massage is not a luxury, it's a necessity !



Currently offering  several facial treatments to suit your particular needs. Microcurrent for reversing the signs of aging, smoothing and lifting, Oxygen Infusion for intense hydration and plumping, manual microdermabrasion for extra exfoliation, ultrasonic spatula for extractions and exfoliation, devices that helps push nutrients deeper into the skin, Organic Enzymes for added exfoliation, hydrating masks, healing serums, 24K Gold facial for a soft glowy finish and Tama Blue Onyx Microcurrent helps tone and tighten skin. Also helps treat the reversal of Bells Palsy. 

Product lines used and carried are;

Skin - Pevonia Botanica, Skin Script, Osmosis, Rejuvasea, Tama Microcurrent, Le Mieux, Rezenerate, Revitapen and Bio Therapeutic. 

Hair - ALFAPARF; deep conditioning treatments, hair color, lightening and general hair care products. KEVIN MURPHY styling & hair care goods. Pravana Vivids & Locked in

Massage; Biotone, Young Living &  Doterra Essential Oils, 

Makeup; Bobbi Brown, MAC, DIOR, Chanel, Urban Decay, NARS, Tom Ford, SugarPill & Givenchy



To Enlighten people to the ritual of spa, relaxation, and the beauty of rejuvenation.
Alexandrian Beauty & Bodywork was established in 1993, owner and founder, Alexandria "Lexy" Hernandez, brings a service that allows well-being to be the primary priority through her services. Her philosophy is having a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit - a concerted focus on whole-body harmony and health are the componets for bringing out an individual's natural inner and outer beauty.
Lexy is mobile, but also has a treatment studio in Millbrae, Ca. which is a mini oasis for men and women to escape the rigors of daily stress and to replenish the body and soul. Offering the broadest  and most advanced range of skin, body and hair care treatments to enhance your looks, well being and health. Treatments which nourish, heal, balance and beautify.
Her goal is to provide improvement not only in your body, but also your psyche, your attitude, and in the way you feel about taking care of yourself.
Healing; All the treatments offered are to help the body maintain it's natural equilibrium and  encourage relaxation and healing.
Strength; The foundation of Alexandrian Beauty & Bodywork and Lexy's Studio is a business built on the highly qualified, educated - one woman team, her professionalism and awareness of her responsability to the health and safety to her clients.
Wisdom; Drawing on the knowledge from the Ancient Egpytians, Native Americans and other civilizations that practiced the healing arts, ABB & LSS endeavors to introduce more people to natural ways of improving their health.

Perfection;  Paying attention to detail. Always asking "How can I do it better next time."